Embroidery (Crosshead Stitch, Ugly Stitch, etc)

Embroidery Patch with Merrowed Edge:

yuponng's unique take on embroidered patches is distinguished by its merrowed edge – a tightly sewn, overlocked border that protects the fabric from fraying and gives the patch a finished, high-quality appearance.


Heat Transfer and Embroidery on Woven Label Patch:

This combined technique first employs heat transfer to imprint a design onto a woven label patch, followed by detailed embroidery for added texture and luxury. This ensures the label not only carries the brand's identity but also becomes a feature of the design.


Water Based Print and Crosshead Stitch:

A dual branding approach by yuponng where a design is first printed using eco-friendly water-based inks, followed by the intricate details added with crosshead stitching. This combination enhances the depth and richness of the design.


Cotton Thread Embroidery:

Utilizing 100% cotton threads, yuponng ensures a natural, soft, and tactile finish to their embroidered designs. This method is synonymous with premium craftsmanship and an authentic look and feel.



Flocking involves applying short fibers to a surface to create a velvety texture. This is achieved by using adhesive to make certain areas sticky, then applying the fibers. The end result can be used for design or branding purposes, adding a soft and luxurious feel.




A classic branding method where a logo or design is stitched onto a product using thread. It offers a high-quality, tactile, and long-lasting finish, ideal for premium products.


Crosshead Stitch & Chain Stitch:

A variation of traditional stitching methods, crosshead stitch might refer to a specific pattern or style of stitching that gives a unique texture or aesthetic to the branded area.


Print and Embroidery:

A combination of printing and embroidery techniques. A design might be primarily printed but accented with embroidery (or vice versa), bringing together the best of both worlds for a rich and multifaceted branding.


Ugly Stitch:

Presumably a branding style that uses intentionally irregular or "imperfect" stitching for an artisanal or unique look. It can evoke a hand-made or rustic aesthetic.


** Please note the below for this international orders:

  • Blank caps: 144x MOQ
  • Branded caps: 288x MOQ
  • Lead times: Manufacturing 8-12 weeks and shipping 6-8 weeks
  • Cap sample provided (picture / physical)
  • Payment: 60% deposit required upfront, balance due 1 month before stock arrival


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