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Branding Options?

Rubber Badges:

Elevate your branding with our custom-made micro-injection rubber badges. Unique design elements are raised about +/-2mm from the badge's surface, producing a tactile and visually prominent feature. Experience the 3D effect as it adds depth and dimension to your design, ensuring it doesn't just catch the eye but also captivates the touch.

Special Feature: Engaging 3D effect with raised design elements.

Minimum Order: 50 units.



PU Badges (Pleather):

Dive into the allure of the Debossed PU badge technique. Your design is artfully pressed into the surface of a PU badge, leading to a distinctive indented appearance. This technique not only ensures your design stands out visually but also offers a contrasting tactile sensation.

Special Feature: Sunken design elements for a standout tactile and visual experience.

Minimum Order: 50 units.




3D Embroidery:

Bring your cap design to life with our 3D Embroidery. By adding foam or padding beneath the stitches, we achieve a dynamic, three-dimensional effect. This method accentuates certain parts of your design, giving it depth and a visually striking appeal.

Best For: Bold, thick fonts or lettering.

Placement: Ideal for the front branding of caps.


Flat Embroidery:
Dive into the world of classic cap embroidery with Flat Embroidery. Stitched straight onto the fabric, this method offers a sleek and neat finish without raised elements.

Best For: Various fabric types and design complexities.

Placement: Versatile for front, back, and side cap branding.


  1. 3D Embroidery Badge:

    • Merging the allure of 3D embroidery with the adaptability of badges, the 3D Embroidery Badge technique embroiders designs onto a fabric piece, which is then affixed to the cap. These badges are created with a pronounced effect, courtesy of foam or padding.
    • Best For: Brands looking for depth in their design while retaining badge versatility.
    • Placement: Primarily for the front of the cap.
  2. Flat Embroidery Badge:

    • Experience the precision of the Flat Embroidery Badge. Designs are embroidered directly onto a fabric badge, which can then be either sewn or ironed onto the cap. This technique is the go-to for intricate logos, especially those that risk losing detail over a cap's center seam.
    • Best For: Detailed logos requiring pristine clarity.
    • Placement: Can be adjusted as per design preference.


Direct Transfer to Film (DTF) Technique:

Looking for a versatile cap printing method? The Direct Transfer to Film (DTF) approach prints designs first onto a special heat transfer film. By applying heat and pressure, your desired design seamlessly integrates onto the cap's fabric. Perfect for those intricate designs bursting with colors and even for those simple, clear-cut patterns.


Specialised Cap Printing Techniques:

  1. High Density Print:

    • Achieve a 3D look with our raised print, creating sharp, hard, and crisp edges.
    • Color Availability: Black, white, red, green, yellow, navy, and royal blue.
    • Best for: Bold designs without ultra-fine details.
  2. Puff Print:

    • Want a design that stands out? Our Puff Print uses a heat-activated foaming agent, which expands to give a unique "puffy" touch.
    • Color Availability: Exclusive in white.
  3. Reflective Print:

    • Get noticed with our Reflective Print that shines when exposed to light.
    • Color Availability: Multiple shades available.
  4. PU Film Print:

    • Seeking a soft and stretchy print? The PU Film Print offers superior comfort and a textile touch.
    • Color Availability: Matches most color palettes and cap fabrics.
  5. Foil Print:

    • Add a touch of elegance with our Metallic Foil Print.
    • Color Availability: A wide range of hues to choose from.
  6. Glitter Print:

    • Turn heads with our Glitter Print, offering a radiant sparkle.
    • Color Availability: Multiple shimmering shades available.
  7. Velcut Print:

    • Feel the luxury with our Velcut Print, giving your cap a velvety texture.
    • Color Availability: Dive into our diverse color options.


Where to start?

Get the process started with one of our sales agents by popping us an email with with following information.

Cape Town and surrounding area:
Chene Fourie – 021 705 0257
Email – sales@thekartal.com

JHB and surrounding areas:
Pieter Le Roux – 082 378 2865
Email – pieter@thekartal.com

Choose Your Cap Style and Colour?
The cap style & colour, if you are uncertain of what style and colour you are looking for you can send us reference images and we will recommend the closest fit.

Order Quantity?
In order for us to handle the branding for you the minimum order quantity is 144 units split between 4 units per style.

Branding Placement?
Front panel, side panel, side of cap and or back of the cap.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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