Embroidery Options

Embroidery Techniques for Caps - Elevate Your Branding:

3D Embroidery:

Bring your cap design to life with our 3D Embroidery. By adding foam or padding beneath the stitches, we achieve a dynamic, three-dimensional effect. This method accentuates certain parts of your design, giving it depth and a visually striking appeal.

Best For: Bold, thick fonts or lettering.

Placement: Ideal for the front branding of caps.


Flat Embroidery:

Dive into the world of classic cap embroidery with Flat Embroidery. Stitched straight onto the fabric, this method offers a sleek and neat finish without raised elements.

Best For: Various fabric types and design complexities.

Placement: Versatile for front, back, and side cap branding.


  1. 3D Embroidery Badge:

    • Merging the allure of 3D embroidery with the adaptability of badges, the 3D Embroidery Badge technique embroiders designs onto a fabric piece, which is then affixed to the cap. These badges are created with a pronounced effect, courtesy of foam or padding.
    • Best For: Brands looking for depth in their design while retaining badge versatility.
    • Placement: Primarily for the front of the cap.
  2. Flat Embroidery Badge:

    • Experience the precision of the Flat Embroidery Badge. Designs are embroidered directly onto a fabric badge, which can then be either sewn or ironed onto the cap. This technique is the go-to for intricate logos, especially those that risk losing detail over a cap's center seam.
    • Best For: Detailed logos requiring pristine clarity.
    • Placement: Can be adjusted as per design preference.



Order Quantity?
In order for us to handle the branding for you the minimum order quantity is 144 units split between 4 units per style.

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