Rubber Badge & PU Patches Options

Enhance Your Brand with Textured Badges:

Rubber Badges:

Elevate your branding with our custom-made micro-injection rubber badges. Unique design elements are raised about +/-2mm from the badge's surface, producing a tactile and visually prominent feature. Experience the 3D effect as it adds depth and dimension to your design, ensuring it doesn't just catch the eye but also captivates the touch.

Special Feature: Engaging 3D effect with raised design elements.

Minimum Order: 144 units.



PU Badges (Pleather):

Dive into the allure of the Debossed PU badge technique. Your design is artfully pressed into the surface of a PU badge, leading to a distinctive indented appearance. This technique not only ensures your design stands out visually but also offers a contrasting tactile sensation.

Special Feature: Sunken design elements for a standout tactile and visual experience.

Minimum Order: 144 units.



Why Choose Textured Badges?: Texture plays a pivotal role in brand recognition. Both embossed and debossed techniques provide your badges with unique textures, amplifying their aesthetic charm. Such badges don't just look different – they feel different, ensuring a memorable and distinctive brand impact.


Order Quantity?
In order for us to handle the branding for you the minimum order quantity is 144 units split between 4 units per style.

Where to start?
Get the process started with one of our sales agents by popping us an email.

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Chene Fourie – 021 705 0257
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JHB and surrounding areas:
Pieter Le Roux – 082 378 2865
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