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Standard delivery for all brands:
▶︎ 24Hr packing time from reciept of payment
▶︎ 24-48Hrs delivery time (dependant on location)

▶︎ We sell in packs of 4 and MOQ is 12
▶︎ Customization: *local MOQ 48units with a lead time of 15-20 working days from reciept of payment
▶︎ Internaional MOQ 288units (1 design/cap/style) lead time 3 weeks sampling, 8 weeks production & 7 weeks shipping

Happy Socks:
▶︎ We sell in packs of 6 and MOQ is 48
▶︎ No customization is possible however stickers are allowed on the packaging

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Your 1st delivery includes the following items:

1x Aluminium refill tin per person – this refill tin should be kept and refilled from your refill pouch when empty.

180 Bits per person in our Oxo-biodegradable refill pouch (we do provide extra for those months that have 31 days) 

Refills are delivered every three months after the successful transfer of funds.

You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time:

Send an email to daniel@shopearthly.co.za with the subject being either Edit Subscription or Cancel Subscription together with your name, surname and request in the email body.

Treat your Bits like you would dry food. Keep the lid on the bottle when not in use. Be sure it's air-tight!

Our Bits are handmade in Somerset West, South Africa. Helping to build the South African green economy Bit by Bit.

Our Bits are made with plant-derived, high quality ingredients and sold in sustainable packaging. No more plastic tubes polluting our environment. Quantified use rather than over-use.

Yes! Our tablets are ready to fly, plus you'll never have to worry about a toothpaste tube exploding in your bag on flights or road trips ever again.

Yes, our toothpaste tablets are fluoride free and safe to swallow (although we would recommend spitting after brushing as you would any other toothpaste). We would not recommend our product to children under 3 years old as our product is a small chewable tablet, it could become a choking hazard. For children under 3, please crush Bits into powder and dip wet toothbrush bristles into powder for brushing.

Oh no! We're so sorry to hear this. Please send us an email at daniel@shopearthly.co.za along with your order number and first and last name so we can look into this for you right away!

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